What Are The Italian Airports Involved In This Summer’s Flight Disruptions

For several weeks, airports around the world have been experiencing major disruptions in air traffic. Flight cancellations, delays, strikes: behind these issues lie multiple reasons, among which pilot and staff shortages.

Given the economic losses they suffered during the lockdowns related to the pandemic, airlines were forced to cut down on their staff. As a result, now they are unable to keep up with a recovered pace (and desire) of travel, by high numbers of travelers.

Latest news speak about sky giants like Lufthansa canceling more than one thousand flights within a single week, due to staff strikes. But major disruptions are happening among most carriers, and it appears that the problem is going to persist even after the summer season.

But which are the Italian airports that are experiencing the biggest problems? In a list compiled by the Wall Street Journal and based on information coming from the portal FlightAware, among the busiest airports around the world which are seeing the most disruptions, two Italian hubs appear: Roma Fiumicino, the capital’s main airport, and Milano Malpensa.

Specifically, between June 1st and July 24th, Rome Fiumicino has had almost 6,000 delayed flights, out of a total of 18,000. It means that about one third of the flights had a delay of at least 15 minutes, compared to their scheduled time. At Fiumicino, on the other hand, there were only 224 canceled flights, a percentage of 1.2% of the total. Milan Malpensa, despite being less trafficked (having less flights) compared to Rome’s airport, experienced worse problems: out of its 14,000 scheduled flights in the period between June 1st and July 24th, more than 5,000 were delayed (35.2%), while 466 (3.1%) were canceled.

Other major airports around Europe, like Frankfurt airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Amsterdam, London Heathrow and London Gatwick are experiencing similar situations. Overall, between June 1st and July 24th, at 77 of the world’s 100 busiest airports, at least 20 percent of the flights were delayed.

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