Willows: The Unique LA Based Sunglasses That Are Sparking Attention

Willows are sunglasses unlike anything that you probably have tried before. Founded by Sasha Mayer in a moment of struggle and pain, became a product so unique. The LA based brand has garnered 37 million views on Tik Tok, and the growth has given rise to a different way to wear sunglasses, for both men and women.

Instead of a temple and temple tip, an 18k gold plated chain with ethically sourced crystals from Brazil at the tip of each chain replaces the normality of sunglasses the way we’re used to seeing them. “I started tinkering with the idea of making a chain temple product as early as 2010 and was using flat metal shapes as the pendants – I never brought that version to market because I wasn’t 100% happy with the pendants. After my son was born and I went through a tough divorce, a lot of my friends started bringing me crystals. I immediately realized that their grounding nature and beauty was the missing piece to my product and so Willows, as we know it today, was born,” shares Mayer.

It was in 2014 that Mayer was coming out of an unhealthy marriage and also dealing with her mother’s lung cancer diagnosis. These struggles and a leap of faith is what led her to start her own brand. It ushered in a new phase in her life, one of renewal that let her create a foundation for her son. A year later the single mom launched Willows, an idea that came from a pair of her mother’s vintage sunglasses.

The A Little Bit Alexis are UV400 brown tinted sunglasses with a pentagon shape and side shield. The crystal for the tip of the chain can be clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, or selenite. The Me and Pinke McGee sunglasses have a groovy retro feel about them. They are UV400 pink lenses with an electroplated rose quartz pendant at the end of the chain tips. The Desert Fairy sunglasses are off-shite acetate frames with blue to pink ombre UV400 lenses. There is an ambience of chic hippiness about them. They come with a rose quartz box chain, and a rose quartz star and moon pendant.

It’s Mayer’s retro love of things that is her guide in designing the frames. “I am heavily influenced by the 60’s and 70’s, but I listen to my customers and always want to make sure we have a variety of styles so that there is something for everyone in our offerings,” she continues.

A unique twist to Willows sunglasses is that they reduce headaches. “The fact that chain temple glasses reduce headaches is just one of the many additional bonuses to our eyewear. So many people suffer from headaches when they wear glasses (myself included) and because our eyewear’s weight distributes differently, it doesn’t put any pressure on the temples at all and our customers love that!” she muses.

But in addition to the practicality of the sunglasses, they are stylish coming in various styles and colors, perfect for anytime of the year. They’re sure to catch the attention of others due to their temple-less shape and chain.

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