With A New Jet Blue Route To Paris, Why Not Stay At The Hotel Where The Pink Velvet Chairs Are Shaped Like Macarons?

Jet Blue tickets to Paris went on sale recently with the first flight taking off on June 29th, 2023. There will now be one flight per day between John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York and Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG).

​So where should travelers stay when they get there? For those who are ultimate foodies or who want to have their own “Emily in Paris” style experience, why not stay at the five-star hotel in Paris designed with women in mind – and where the pink chairs are shaped liked macarons?

It’s Fauchon L’Hotel Paris – and I had the pleasure of visiting it a few years ago when it had just opened. Here’s what’s fun about it today.

It’s modern and a bit outrageous in colors of hot pink, black, white, and gold — and nothing like your typical Parisian palace-style property. The hot pink velvet chairs in the rooms were designed to be reminiscent of macarons and you’ll find plates of macarons throughout the hotel to nibble on at any time. They even offer you iconic fruit teas and macarons after your spa experience, all straight from Fauchon, the ultimate and luxurious chic Paris shop for foodies. This hotel is all about the food and how many gourmet indulgences you can enjoy day or night.

Arriving guests are welcomed to take a seat in the Library as the hotel welcomes them with a tea cocktail of the day and the property’s posh iconic Fauchon macarons to sip and savor. This is only the beginning as the Artisans of Pleasure set the tone for your visit — so you can experience life as a succession of indulgent pleasures during every moment of your stay.

And here’s one of the most noteworthy characteristics of this tony retreat. Described as a “hotel minibar on steroids,” the hotel’s iconic and famous Gourmet Bar is for guests to indulge in at any moment of the day or night. It features a wide selection of Fauchon sweet and savory delicacies as well as signature champagne and is complimentary to guests – it’s a game-changer in the industry. It is restocked every other day and what guests don’t use, you can have packed up to take home with you.

American women are also clamoring to have an “Emily in Paris” experience and they can do so at the hotel, which was designed with women in mind. Think sexy/modern accommodations like a Parisian pied-a-terre, glass-enclosed wardrobes, and plenty of room for a Paris-worthy wardrobe and shoes as Emily and Mindy wear. The property has sophisticated lighting for makeup, a Dyson hair dryer, bathrobes and slippers sized for women, and a variety of Beauty Rituals at the spa. And did we mention their pain au chocolat? The Terrace at the Grand Cafe Fauchon is also a great spot to people-watch and savor tea-inspired cocktails and plates. Plus the hotel offers an exclusive discount on private “Emily in Paris” tours offered by Eye on Paris. Of course, men enjoy the hotel as well, but it’s nice to know there is a hotel which specifically thought about its female guests during the design process!

For those who want to book a suite in Paris, Fauchon has crafted amazing Suite Experiences, which are special amenities designed for each of its specific suites, which are value-added and no upcharge for guests. Depending upon the reason of your visit, you can have a Girl’s Getaway (“Am Beautiful”), romantic interlude or honeymoon (“Am In Love”), or stay like a celebrity (“Am A Rockstar”) in a suite with an Eiffel Tower view.

Fauchon L’Hotel Paris, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World, opened in September of 2018 as a domaine for “discerning hedonists” who enjoy the pursuit of pleasure and sensual self-indulgence. The 54-room boutique hotel is located in one of the most beautiful Haussmanian buildings in the glamorous 8th Arrondissement.

When you go, make sure you’re hungry!

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